Specialisation in Linux Security, The Practical Approach

Let’s learn linux security & hardening step-by-step with Real Industry Use Cases

Vimal Daga

The World Record Holder, Founder at LinuxWorld & #13, Sr. Principal IT Consultant, TEDx Speaker & Philanthropist

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What will you learn in the training?

Building a secure environment for Linux Environment

  • How logging in as a root user can land you in trouble 
  • Perks of using sudo
  • Setting up sudo privileges for full administrative users
  • Adding user to a predefined admin group 
  • Creating an entry in the sudo policy file
  • Assigning limited sudo privileges 
  • Enabling and disabling sudo timer
  • Check sudo privileges 
  • Sudoer file
  • Restricting users with having root shell access
  • Preventing users from using shell escapes 
  • Restricting users from using dangerous programs like text editor or file manipulation
    • cat
    • cut
    • awk
    • sed 
  • Restricting the user action with commands 
  • Detecting  and deleting default users accounts 
  • Enforcing strong password criteria 
  • Pluggable Authentication Module
    • Tool used for PAM is pwquality 
  • Preventing brute force password attacks 
  • Locking user’s account with passwd
  • Why take the chance of getting your root account compromised? Locking the root 
  • Detecting compromised passwords with https://haveibeenpwned.com 
  • Centralized user management 
  • Shadow passwords and why they are important 
  • Managing and forcing account expiry
  • Multi Factor  authentication implementation 
  • Using IDS
  • Security by account type
  • Understanding iptables
  • Understanding firewalld
  • Blocking ICMP with iptables
  • nftables 
  • Firewalld for Redhat
    • Firewalld zones
    • Adding services to firewalld zone
    • Adding ports to firewalld zone
    • Using firewalld rich language rules
    • Firewalld commands
  • GPG
  • Encrypting disk partitions unified key setup 
  • Full disk encryption
  • Encrypting directories 
  • OpenSSL
  • Ensuring that SSH protocol is disabled
  • Using keys for passwordless login
  • Disabling root user login and other users 
  • Configuring SSH with strong encryption algorithm 
  • System-wide encrypting policies
  • White listing, black listing access control and TCP wrappers
  • Disabling SSH tunnelling 
  • Disabling ICMP tunnelling
  • Changing the standard port for SSH
  • Managing SSH keys
  • Using chown for editing ownership of files and directories 
  • SUID and SGID permissions on regular 
  • Extended file attributes to protect sensitive files
  • Protecting system configuration files
  • Making ACL for user or groups 
  • ACL mask for removing a specific permission 
  • Using tar  – – acls  to prevent the loss of ACLs during a backup
  • Making Shared Directory 
  • ACLs to access file in the shared Directory
  • Setting important access control with SElinux and AppArmor
  • Benefits to system admin by using SELinux
  • Security context for files and directories 
    • using chcon 
    • using restorecon 
    • using semanage 
  • Setroubleshoot for Troubleshooting 
  • SELinux Policies
  • Understanding the /proc filesystem
  • Setting kernel parameters with sysctl
  • Configuring the sysctl.conf file
  • Understanding process isolating
    • cgroups
    • namespace isolation
    • kernel capabilities
    • system calls and SECCOMP
  • Scanning Rootkits and rootkit hunter
  • Malware analysis with strings and virus total
  • Understanding the system log files
  • Understanding rsyslog and journald
  • Setting remote log server

Vulnerability scanning and IDS

  • preventing kernel parameter edits on Redhat
  • Securely configuring BIOS/UEFI
  • Using a security checklist for system setup

Who is this training for?

Linux Administrator
Web Developer
System Administrator
IT Administrator
CyberSecurity Engineer
CyberSecurity Analyst
Security Architect
Network Security Analyst
DevSecOps Engineer
Engineering Students
Penetration Testers
CyberSecurity Manager

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#13 proudly presents Vimal Daga as the mentor for this program

A world record holder, Mr. Vimal Daga is a Technologist, Philanthropist & A TEDx Speaker who is dedicatedly working atowards his vision- “Awakening the youth through a culture of right education”.

He is the first one in the world to become “RedHat Certified Architect Level 25 along with Enterprise Application Level 10”. Companies benefited from his 19+ years of experience.

He has expertise in multitude of latest and high-end technologies namely Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Delphix, AppDynamics, Docker, DevOps, Cloud Computing, AWS, and many more.
2,00,000+ Students Impacted
1,50,000+ Professionals trained
75+ Global Certifications
200+ Companies benefited

Vimal's Journey
From humble beginnings to winning learners' hearts across the globe

With the expertise to deliver any technology in an easy way and a heart to share his knowledge, Vimal Daga is a self-made IT enthusiast. He is meticulous about researching the skills needed for the future and making them available for the entrepreneurs & professionals of tomorrow. The masterly IT consultant has changed the lives of many students with his inspiring teachings. 

You can be the next!

Stepping Stones of Vimal’s vision: 

Vimal Daga, in his near 20 years of experience has earned many laurels. To mention a few:

  • Became Young Entrepreneur 
  • A TedX speaker
  • Trained more than 3,50,000+ students for free
  • Two-time world record holder
  • Fastest achiever of 11 AWS global certifications (in 11 days)
  • Highest RHCA level holder (25th level with 10th level EA)
  • Creating 100s and more of entrepreneurs through his trainings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dates : Starting on 30th Aug, 2022 (Weekday)

Duration : 50 hours

The program will be delivered LIVE, providing full interactive opportunities to participants for sustainable learning.

No, we don’t provide any. But Yes, we do provide the access to the material which was covered in the training for your future reference

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We start from the very basics, so no previous knowledge is required.

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