Docker - Basic to Mastery Training

Prepare yourself for Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification

Vimal Daga

The World Record Holder, Founder at LinuxWorld & #13, Sr. Principal IT Consultant, TEDx Speaker & Philanthropist

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What will you learn in the training?

  • Understanding Docker: Introduction and Basics
  • History of Docker
  • Main Use of an Operating System in Containerization
  • Four Different Ways of Installing an Operating System
  • Containerization
  • Case Study on Hotstar: Real-world Application
  • Scaling and Tech Stack
  • Understanding Bare Metal vs. Cloud Computing vs. Virtualization
  • Introduction to AWS Cloud and EC2 Instance
  • Installing Docker and Starting Docker Service
  • Understanding Container Image and Docker Hub
  • Working with Ubuntu and Docker Engine
  • Operating System Images


  • Docker Engine and Image
  •  Launching Containers and Web Servers
  •  Managing Containers: rm Command and Networking
  • Configuring Web Servers: Install httpd and Networking Basics
  • Exploring Docker Info and Echo Commands
  • Creating Web Pages and Web Servers
  • Configuring Containers as Web Servers and Database Servers
  • Introduction to WordPress and Three-Tier Architecture
  • Understanding Docker Networking and Firewall
  •  Networking Basics: LAN, NAT, ISP, SDN
  • Exploring Bridge and IPAM
  • Custom Network Infrastructure and Docker Compose
  • Introduction to Docker Compose Tool
  • Understanding Multicontainer Applications and 3-Tier Architecture
  • Writing YAML Code and Running Containers in Detached Mode
  • Docker Compose Compatibility Matrix and Installation in RHEL
  • Creating Own Images and Docker Files
  • Understanding Docker Commit and Run Keywords
  • Docker Registry and Docker Hub Operations
  • Integrating Docker File and Docker Compose for Various Applications
  • Exploring Container Namespace and Resource Isolation
  • Understanding Process and Nested Process in Docker
  • Swarm Clusters: Introduction and Setup
  •  Docker Engine, Bridge, and Distributed Network
  • Creating Clusters using Docker Swarm
  • Multi-Tier Applications and Fault Tolerance
  • Horizontal Scaling and Load Balancing
  • Docker Compose with Swarm and Stack Creation
  • Overlay Network and Packet Encryption
  • Exploring VXLAN and Opt Options
  • Docker Networking with Single Node and Distributed Environment
  •  Implementing Docker Compose File with Redis and other services
  •  Server Hardening and Security Best Practices
  • Docker Performance Optimization Techniques

Who is this training for?

Working IT Professionals
Freshers aspiring for an IT role
College pursuing students
Managers & Team Leaders
Technical Co-Founders
College HOD & Professors

4 Reasons to learn Docker under Mr Vimal Daga


Teaching beyond the certification



Practical Industry knowledge, Creator mentality


90 days technical support and a community for lifetime networking


Exclusive training of most demanded & market valued Docker

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None of the technologies is complex since created by human beings. Hence, anyone can learn it and create something new.

#13 proudly presents Vimal Daga as the mentor for this program

A world record holder, Mr. Vimal Daga is a Technologist, Philanthropist & A TEDx Speaker who is dedicatedly working atowards his vision- “Awakening the youth through a culture of right education”.

He is the first one in the world to become “RedHat Certified Architect Level 25 along with Enterprise Application Level 10”. Companies benefited from his 19+ years of experience.

He has expertise in multitude of latest and high-end technologies namely Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Delphix, AppDynamics, Docker, DevOps, Cloud Computing, AWS, and many more.
2,00,000+ Students Impacted
1,50,000+ Professionals trained
75+ Global Certifications
200+ Companies benefited

Vimal's Journey
From humble beginnings to winning learners' hearts across the globe

With the expertise to deliver any technology in an easy way and a heart to share his knowledge, Vimal Daga is a self-made IT enthusiast. He is meticulous about researching the skills needed for the future and making them available for the entrepreneurs & professionals of tomorrow. The masterly IT consultant has changed the lives of many students with his inspiring teachings. 

You can be the next!

Stepping Stones of Vimal’s vision: 

Vimal Daga, in his near 20 years of experience has earned many laurels. To mention a few:

  • Became Young Entrepreneur 
  • A TedX speaker
  • Trained more than 3500+ students for free
  • Two-time world record holder
  • Fastest achiever of 11 AWS global certifications (in 11 days)
  • Highest RHCA level holder (25th level with 10th level EA)
  • Creating 100s and more of entrepreneurs through his trainings

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Our community is a mix of students, professionals, and budding entrepreneurs, who come as learners and become the torchbearers of our vision. They are the source of our inspiration and the drivers of our passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a self paced course. Hence learn at your convenience.

No, we are not offering any corporate or group discount.

We start from the very basics, so no previous knowledge is required

Yes DEFINITELY..You will be added to a community where technical support team members will answer your queries for 90 days from the completion of the program.

We have a “no questions asked” 100% refund policy till 24 hours prior to the start of the program. After that, no refund will be entertained. Amount will be refunded within 7 days. For related queries email us at

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