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Vimal Daga

The World Record Holder, Founder at LinuxWorld & #13, Sr. Principal IT Consultant, TEDx Speaker & Philanthropist

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Skills You Will Gain

Creating Dynamic Websites

Manipulating Web Elements

Handling User Interactions

Managing Time-Consuming Tasks

Writing Cleaner Code

Problem-Solving Skills

Ensuring Code Quality

What will you learn in the training?

  • Overview of JavaScript
    History and evolution of JavaScript
    Role of JavaScript in web development
    Setting up development environment (text editor, browser)
    Variables and Data Types
  • Variables: declaration, assignment
    Data types: primitive types (string, number, boolean, null, undefined), reference types (object, array, function)
    Dynamic typing in JavaScript
  • Operators and Expressions
    Arithmetic, assignment, comparison, logical operators
    Expressions and operators precedence
  • Control Flow
    Conditional statements: if, else if, else
    Switch statement
    Loops: for, while, dowhile
  • Functions
    Function declaration vs. function expression
    Parameters and arguments
    Return statement
    Function scope vs. block scope
  • Arrays and Objects
    Creating arrays and accessing elements
    Array methods: push, pop, shift, unshift, slice, splice, forEach, map, filter, reduce
    Creating and manipulating objects: properties, methods, prototypes
  • Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)
    Structure of the DOM
    Selecting DOM elements using selectors (getElementById, getElementsByClassName, querySelector, querySelectorAll)
  • Manipulating DOM Elements
    Changing element content: innerHTML, textContent
    Modifying element attributes: setAttribute, getAttribute
    Adding and removing classes: classList, className
    Creating new elements: createElement, appendChild, removeChild
  • Event Handling
    Introduction to events and event listeners
    Common DOM events: click, mouseover, mouseout, keydown, submit
    Event delegation and propagation
    Preventing default behavior and stopping event propagation
  • Introduction to Asynchronous Programming
    Understanding synchronous vs. asynchronous code execution
    setTimeout and setInterval functions for asynchronous tasks
  • Callback Functions
    Understanding callback functions and their usage
    Callback hell and managing asynchronous operations
  • Promises
    Introduction to Promises as a cleaner alternative to callbacks
    Creating and consuming Promises
    Chaining Promises for sequential asynchronous operations
    Error handling with Promises
  • Async/Await
    Introduction to async/await for handling asynchronous code in a synchronous style
    Writing asynchronous code using async functions and await keyword
    Error handling with async/await
  • Introduction to ES6 Features
    Overview of ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) features
    let and const: blockscoped variable declarations
    Arrow functions: concise syntax for function expressions
    Template literals: string interpolation and multiline strings
  • Destructuring and Spread/Rest Operators
    Destructuring assignment: extracting data from arrays and objects
    Spread/rest operators: manipulating arrays and objects
  • Modules
    Introduction to modules for organizing code into reusable units
    Exporting and importing modules using export and import statements
  • ‘this’ Keyword and Context
    Understanding ‘this’ keyword in different contexts
    Binding ‘this’ using call, apply, and bind methods
  • Prototypes and Inheritance
    Understanding prototypes and prototype chain
    Prototypal inheritance in JavaScript
    Creating objects and constructors
  • Functional Programming
    Introduction to functional programming concepts in JavaScript
    Higherorder functions: map, filter, reduce
    Immutable data and pure functions
  • Design Patterns
    Exploring common design patterns: Singleton, Factory, Module, Observer
    Applying design patterns to solve realworld problems
  • Introduction to Testing
    Importance of testing in software development
    Types of testing: unit testing, integration testing, endtoend testing
  • Debugging Techniques
    Common debugging techniques: console.log, debugger statement, browser developer tools
    Using browser developer tools for debugging JavaScript code

Why Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is an essential programming language for anyone interested in web development, whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out. Its versatility, widespread use, and dynamic nature make it a must-learn language for building modern web applications. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider learning JavaScript:

Foundation of Web Development:

JavaScript is the backbone of web development. Alongside HTML and CSS, it forms the core technologies of the World Wide Web. Understanding JavaScript opens up opportunities to create interactive and dynamic web pages, making your websites more engaging and user-friendly.


JavaScript isn’t limited to just web development. With the rise of frameworks like Node.js, JavaScript is now a full-stack language capable of powering both the client and server sides of web applications. This versatility allows developers to use a single language across the entire tech stack, streamlining development and enhancing code consistency.

High Demand

JavaScript developers are in high demand across industries. As businesses increasingly move online and invest in web-based applications, the need for skilled JavaScript developers continues to grow. Learning JavaScript can open doors to lucrative job opportunities and career advancement.

Vibrant Ecosystem

JavaScript boasts a vast and vibrant ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and tools that streamline development and empower developers to build sophisticated applications with ease. From React and Angular for front-end development to Express and NestJS for back-end development, there’s a tool or framework for every use case, allowing developers to work more efficiently and effectively.

Community Support

JavaScript has a large and active community of developers who are constantly innovating, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or an experienced developer tackling a complex problem, you’ll find ample resources, forums, and communities dedicated to helping you succeed.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

JavaScript’s cross-platform compatibility ensures that applications built with JavaScript can run seamlessly across various devices and platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This ubiquity makes JavaScript an ideal choice for developing responsive and scalable web applications that reach a broad audience.

Who is this training for?

Working IT Professionals
Freshers aspiring for an IT role
College pursuing students
Managers & Team Leaders
Technical Co-Founders
College HOD & Professors

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Practical Industry knowledge, Creator mentality


60 days technical support and a community for lifetime networking


Exclusive training of most demanded & market valued Javascript 

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None of the technologies is complex since created by human beings. Hence, anyone can learn it and create something new.

#13 proudly presents Vimal Daga as the mentor for this program

A world record holder, Mr. Vimal Daga is a Technologist, Philanthropist & A TEDx Speaker who is dedicatedly working atowards his vision- “Awakening the youth through a culture of right education”.

He is the first one in the world to become “RedHat Certified Architect Level 25 along with Enterprise Application Level 10”. Companies benefited from his 19+ years of experience.

He has expertise in multitude of latest and high-end technologies namely Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Delphix, AppDynamics, Docker, DevOps, Cloud Computing, AWS, and many more.
2,00,000+ Students Impacted
1,50,000+ Professionals trained
75+ Global Certifications
200+ Companies benefited

Vimal's Journey
From humble beginnings to winning learners' hearts across the globe

With the expertise to deliver any technology in an easy way and a heart to share his knowledge, Vimal Daga is a self-made IT enthusiast. He is meticulous about researching the skills needed for the future and making them available for the entrepreneurs & professionals of tomorrow. The masterly IT consultant has changed the lives of many students with his inspiring teachings. 

You can be the next!

Stepping Stones of Vimal’s vision: 

Vimal Daga, in his near 20 years of experience has earned many laurels. To mention a few:

  • Became Young Entrepreneur 
  • A TedX speaker
  • Trained more than 3500+ students for free
  • Two-time world record holder
  • Fastest achiever of 11 AWS global certifications (in 11 days)
  • Highest RHCA level holder (25th level with 10th level EA)
  • Creating 100s and more of entrepreneurs through his trainings

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Dates : 15th May 2024

Mode : Online / Offline

Duration : 25 hours

The program will be delivered LIVE, providing full interactive opportunities to participants for sustainable learning.

Yes, we do provide the access to the material which was covered in the training for your future reference for limited time span

No, we are not offering any corporate or group discount.

We start from the very basics, so no previous knowledge is required

Yes DEFINITELY..You will be added to a community where technical support team members will answer your queries for 60 days from the completion of the program.

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